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Is Pain During Exercise Considered “Normal”?

Hello there, Anyone else ready for some sunny warm weather after all the rain we’ve had over past couple of days? Well, I sure am! I can’t tell you how many people have been extra stiff and achy from this dreary damp climate. There is a definite physiologic connection there for sure! […]
So, this week I saw a patient who was working through some neck pain that significantly improved with chiropractic therapy, and she had progressed to the rehabilitative or active part of her treatment plan. When I asked her if she had been performing her corrective exercise
program she answered, “well some of them”, you know the ones that feel “good.”

She peaked my curiosity, so I inquired “what do you mean? All the exercises are good or I wouldn’t prescribe them”. “Well,” she said “the stretches feel good, but those strengthening ones, they kinda make me sore.”

In response to her, I reminded her that these exercises are meant to condition areas of her
spine that have been neglected. So feeling mild soreness is expected and that over time this will improve. Many times if you work thru the mild discomfort, your main complaint with improve once you finish with your exercise session.

This is a very common question or observation during a patient’s course of care. As they begin to improve from our soft tissue work, spinal adjustments and various other “feel good” therapies, when we introduce movement and corrective exercise that is now meant to stabilize their condition, they worry a bit when they experience some mild pain/discomfort/tension. They fear the movement (kinesioPHOBIC) and have a tendency to revert back to only stretching instead of exercising because it feels safer and more comfortable.

This is understandable as they don’t want the original condition to return, however not logical. This corrective exercise is necessary in order to condition the spine to tolerate the physical demands of life and to prevent future occurrences to the best of their ability.

This is why we also have patients perform the exercises in our office to make sure the movement is being performed correctly, that the reps and sets are appropriate, and if we need to make tweaks we can.

Have a look at the video below that explains this phenomenon more clearly

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