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Do This And Live Longer

Good evening practice members, If your family genes are anything similar to mine, you will know immediate family members or close relatives who have been diagnosed with cancer. Many of us may believe that cancer is “just in the cards” or “I can’t change my genes” mentality. […]
Now, truth be told, we may have a predisposition to certain diseases or conditions because of what has been embedded into our DNA. But we actually have control of if that “cancer” gene will express itself!

Life comes down to choices, no matter what choice it is, we invariably weigh the PROS and CONS and then determine if we can live with the choice we make. Most of the choices we make are not life or death, we are not perfect, hind site is always 20/20.

If anyone has gotten to know me as much as I have gotten to know many of you over the years, you know I enjoy health and wellness. My wife and I exercise regularly and make relatively good choices when it comes to our eating habits. For me, it has always been a passion…a way of life! And to be honest, I just feel lousy when I don’t follow my normal food prep routine.

My family has a history of cancer. I lost my paternal grandparents to cancer and my maternal grandfather to cancer. I lost an Aunt and an Uncle…the list goes on and on. That left a huge impression on me as a young boy. I used that as fuel to follow life of sensible choices in regards to nutrition and exercise.

Over the years diets have evolved and changed, what was once thought good nutrition in the past now is taboo. Remember the high carbohydrate food pyramid back in the day! Now we have Atkins, Ketogenic,South Beach…you name it…you’ll find it.

Which one is the best…..honestly I don’t have the answer to that…I know what works for me. All of us are different. One common thing I recognize that could benefit many of us is to reduce refined carbohydrates(pastas, breads rice), eat 2x more vegetables than fruit, eat more fish, use good oils, high in mono saturated fat, eats nuts and seeds.

Now, there was a study done in Spain that followed 4,000 women ages 60-80 for 5 years. They split the woman into 3 equal groups. One group would follow a Mediterranean Diet (MD) with extra virgin olive oil, then next group would eat a Mediterranean diet with mixed nuts and the third group would follow a low fat diet.

Over the 5 year period there were 35 incidences of breast cancer. The group of women who followed the MD with EVOO had incidences of 1.1 cases of breast cancer per 1,000. The women who followed the MD with mixed nuts had an incidence of 1.8 cases of breast cancer per thousand. Lastly, and more importantly, the group who followed a low fat diet had and incidence of 2.9 cases of breast cancer per 1,000.

Other researchers have also found an inverse association of those on the MD and the incidences of diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

The Mediterranean Diet focuses on the following:
High consumption of Monounsaturated Fat –EVOO
regular and low consumption of alcohol–red wine– 1 glass
Higher consumption of legumes, nuts and seeds
Moderate consumption of non refined carbohydrates–quinoa, sweet potatoes,
High consumption of fruit
High consumption of vegetables
Low consumption of dairy
low consumption of red meat/poultry
Moderate to high consumption of fish

Diets fads will come and go, but it appears we can finally put the low fat diet to bed! It is evident that a diet higher in good fats, green leafy vegetables, whole fruits with the skin, fish, nuts and seeds and minimal to moderate non refined carbohydrates will not only improve weigh management but also add years to our lives doing the things we enjoy.




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